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Welcome to the website of Unique Resources, Inc. of Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in residential construction for historic homes built between 1820 and 1950, from Federal Hill to Stoneleigh! We are very excited to tell you about our experience and expertise in high-quality home-improvement projects all around Baltimore. We specialize in these areas of construction:

Unique Resources can advise eligible homeowners in pursuing state and local investment tax credits, thanks to our in-depth experience working on residences in federal and state historic districts over the years. We are experienced in working with insurance companies, and can assist you in successfully negotiating your insurance claim. Additionally, we can provide inspection services for homeowners seeking to make their homes more weather-tight. Our Construction Services include: Restoration of historic homes often requires collaboration with a variety of professionals. At Unique Resources, we pride ourselves on our close working relationships with many Baltimore area building and design professionals including architects, engineers, plumbers, electricians, welders and HVAC installers.    

Unique Resources - Who We Are

My name is Robert G. Schuck, and I launched Unique Resources in 1987, when Baltimore’s historic Inner Harbor neighborhoods were undergoing tremendous revitalization. I quickly discovered that my expertise in traditional building methods gave me a powerful advantage and “unique resource” for clients seeking to retain the old-world charm of historic homes while integrating modern building systems and amenities. The company includes a crew of long-time employees with wide-ranging skills and abilities in specialized areas of home construction and restoration. The result is a company with collective “unique resources” dedicated to quality craftsmanship and personal client service. In an era when business enterprises frequently close only to open a few months later under a new name, Unique Resources has stood the test of time. The company has operated under the same name and ownership for nearly 30 years. What sets us apart? In a word: values. Quality workmanship, honesty, exacting standards and uncompromised ethics are what separates Unique Resources from competitors. Simply put, we are committed to excellence. You can depend on us to draw on our vast pool of knowledge and experience to make your dream home a reality.  

Insuring Your Historic Home—Are You Protected?

December 2023

When you live in a historic home, it’s especially important to make sure your homeowners’ insurance policy provides the right coverage to protect your investment. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize they need to purchase extra coverages for special situations that commonly arise. When building an insurance policy to protect your historic home and assets, work with an agency that specializes in insuring historic homes. Simply making a few calls and going with the cheapest quote could wind up costing you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a claim. The following coverages, (‘endorsements’ in insurance lingo) will add a few extra dollars to your policy cost, but the peace of mind will be well worth it.
  1. Building Codes Coverage — If your home is damaged, extra rebuilding could be required to make your home compliant with current safety regulations. For instance, city ordinances sometimes require older homes to be rebuilt with upgraded electrical equipment, roofing materials, or plumbing systems. Without building codes coverage, this cost would fall to you.
  2. Sewer Backup and Sump Pump Failure Coverage — In some areas, aging sewer lines are stressed to the max and as more homes are connected to these out-of-date lines, sewage backups can occur. When a sewer backs up into a home, it can damage floors, walls, furniture and electrical systems. Or, heavy rains or melting snow can cause water to back up into basements if your sump pump fails to work properly. These situations are not covered by a basic homeowners’ policy.
  3. Additional Living Expenses Coverage (ALE) — Additional living expenses coverage will pay the necessary increase in living expenses required to maintain your family’s current standard of living while your house is being repaired. Covered expenses typically include hotel costs, food bills in excess of normal grocery/restaurant bills, cooking supplies and the cost of storage for your personal property. Keep in mind that ALE coverage is available only when the insured property is uninhabitable because of a loss covered under the homeowners policy.
Owning and living in a historic home can be a lifelong dream and goal. Take the time and effort to make sure your homeowners’ insurance policy is written properly and provides the coverage you need to bring your home back to a pre-loss state in case of a claim. Adequate coverage will help preserve your asset—and your sanity.    

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